To ensure that all Rocana pork is safe the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program is in place to ensure that our process is monitored, assessed and updated constantly.  Independent audits by the applicable regulatory bodies, customers and our own Quality Assurance department ensure that procedures are not only in place but effectively carried out.  We maintain stringent controls on cleanliness and sanitation, and staff our facility with a professional team of highly trained employees.  Not only are we committed to producing safe, quality product we back that commitment up by having an independent 3rd party lab conduct environmental and product testing including salmonella, e-coli, SPC, and coliforms.

Rocana has a reputation for the highest quality pork with the longest shelf life in the industry.  We offer full carcasses, a full range of standard cuts, offal as well as custom kills if required.  Our competitive advantage is that the majority of our products are shipped out fresh, with frozen options according to customer needs.  We are also able to offer a variety of packaging options from individual cryovac packs to bulk combo bins.

We only accept hogs from a select few farms that follow strict guidelines and are fed no animal byproducts.  We can trace our products from the farm to the plate.  This guarantees the security and safety of Rocana products for our customers.

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Pork Cut Chart


Further Processed Meat Products

Besides our quality fresh pork, we offer a variety of further processed meat products like Bacon, Ham, Sausages and many more. Please click on our Products page to discover more.



For our full product list and pricing, please kindly get in touch with our sales team.