Rocana, in partnership with producers of extra lean Danish genetics, is committed to producing healthy pork raised on an approved diet of whole grains, wheat and barley rations.  All of our pigs are nurtured and treated humanely and safely in stress free housing, and this level of care and attention continues through transport, in the custom designed holding pens at Rocana and processing.  The entire process is managed through the Rocana Humane Handling Program.

We offer the following solutions for our customers:

Custom Slaughter

We can handle your custom pork slaughter needs. Customers can bring in their own hogs and we will slaughter and process them according to your needs.

Specialty Cuts

We do primal meat cuts according to customer specification. If you desire a specific cut, we can fill such orders on demand.

Further Meat Processing

We are able to make further processed meat products such as fresh sausage, ham, and bacon upon our customer’s request.


We offer daily fresh pork delivery within British Columbia. Freshness and quality is our guarantee.

Our Commitment

Exceptional products and excellent customer service are the core values of Rocana. Rocana does everything it can to ensure that our pork products not only meet but exceed the demands of our socially conscious consumers.  From farm to fork, our persistent attention to detail ensures that each time you select our products or use our services you can rest assured that you have selected from the leanest, best tasting pork your money can buy.